1890 and Now

Hawkeyes seek new ways to empower students to succeed, creating classrooms that change as the world does. 

Classroom then
Classroom now

1896 and Now

Seasons change. Cities grow. Trees fall. But every one of us can call the same place home. 

old capitol
old capitol

1910 and Now

Homecoming has always meant a lot to our community, even when the Hawkeye family was a bit smaller than it is now. 

Pentacrest then
Pentacrest now

1915 and Now

Same corner, different bookstore. Campus and downtown Iowa City have been woven together since the very beginning. 

Iowa City then
Iowa City now

1917 and Now

Today's Hawkeyes build upon our community's proud, long-lived tradition of outsized influence in the arts.


1920 and Now

Our town and campus are always changing. The Ped Mall, now a critical piece of downtown Iowa City, wasn't built until the 1970's. 

Ped Mall then
Ped Mall now

1920 and Now

As technology grows, so does the ability of medical practitioners trained at Iowa to care for their patients. 

Medicine then
Medicine now

1939 and Now

We've always found ways to work and learn together, whether hitting the books or assembling a laser. 

Labwork then
Labwork now

1939 and Now

Research is a hands-on job. That's why Iowa faculty have shaped everything from physics to hydroscience.

Field work then
Field work now

1970 and Now

Hands-on learning opportunities have defined the University of Iowa experience since day one no matter what the field of study.

Hands on class then
Hands on class now